BGM Bride of the Month

 December 2020

Michelle McLean - Norfolk, VA

Wedding anniversary: June 16, 1990 (Vow renewal, July 17, 2020)

Favorite Wedding Memory: "I remember when we married straight out of high school, after my husband completed basic training for the US Army. We recall not having the money for a wedding but used every penny to have a small ceremony. My wedding gown was donated to me by my cousin. My grandma catered, and the family pulled together for us to have a reception at a bingo hall. We appreciate our family!!"

However, when we decided to do a vow renewal to celebrate our 30 year anniversary, we wanted it to be significant, represent us well, beautifully orchestrated to include our three adult children, & with friends and family! Therefore, we returned to our hometown where we met for the celebration. We had fantastic vendors who helped to create this milestone celebration while making the necessary adjustments to ensure safety doing COVID. We made it from high school sweethearts that had our first child in high school to both then finishing college to now being married 30 years!! Don’t Give Up!!" 

Marriage advice: Marriage is two individuals who unselfishly give of themselves for the love and care of one another! You must put God first, be committed no matter what and be willing to compromise and make sacrifices. Love is wonderful but marriage requires work from both parties.

Beautiful words Michelle...congratulations on your 30th anniversary and vow renewal this year! 



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