About Us

Black woman looking to the right and wearing a red Simply BGM Tee from BlackGirlMarried.com

Our Origin Story

2016 was a very special year for me...well, for my best friend. My best friend in the whole wide world was getting married. I look at her as a sister, so I was just as excited as she was about her big day. For months, the bridal party was busy planning wedding details, including her big bachelorette weekend!

In preparation for her weekend of fun, we searched high and low to find t-shirts, trinkets, and anything else to truly celebrate her as a black woman getting married. To our surprise, there were no such items anywhere to be found.

Since we must be the change that you wish to see in the world, the Black Girl Married brand was born.


Our Goal

Black Girl Married wishes to truly celebrate black women in all of their beauty as they journey along the path to and through marriage. We want to create products that represent black women in all their glory. Black women deserve representation everywhere that it counts...we must tell the black woman's love story. 

Black woman outside in the sun wearing a black-colored Black Girl Married rock tee